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    I declare the following to be true:
    I am at least 19 years of age;
    I am aware that cannabis is not an approved therapeutic agent in Canada;
    I wish to consider the use of cannabis as medicine despite potential side effects;
    I have a medical condition (diagnosis) that may benefit from cannabis;
    I am legally able to make all of my health decisions on my own;
    I agree not to make any claim or commence any proceedings against The Dragon Edibles / my family physician / or any other involved physicians in relation to my use of cannabis (cannabis / cannabinoids);
    I do not support any claims made by my family, friends or other interested parties against said compassion club and physicians. I release The Dragon Edibles / my family physician / any other involved physicians from any and all actions, claims, causes of actions, complaints (even by family and friends) and demands for damages, loss, or injury whatsoever arising directly or indirectly as a consequence to my use of cannabis (cannabis / cannabinoids). This release from liability is to be binding on heirs, executors and assigns.