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15mg CBD / 5mg THC Watermelon Gummies

15mg CBD / 5mg THC Watermelon Gummies

15mg CBD each • 5mg THC each

150mg CBD • 50mg THC Per Pack

10 Gummies Per Pack

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This CBD / THC ratio is fantastic for a mellow, controlled high. The CBD helps to keep the THC from getting on top of you and brings its own set of anti-anxiety and calming properties to the mix. Ideally, you can nibble these delicious gummies throughout the day and maintain a steady level of chill without a mind-bending hit of too much THC. This low dose is a great intro.

The gummies are evenly infused with broad spectrum distillate so you can easily share or break doses up into smaller portions.

These natural delicious gummies are made with the highest grade ingredients from Canada, USA, and Germany.


*Contents may melt if exposed to heat*

*May contain food allergens, please contact customer support at [email protected] if you have any questions



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