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12 Packs: 100mg THC Rainbow Gummies - 10 Per Pack

12 Packs: 100mg THC Rainbow Gummies - 10 Per Pack

  • MSRP: $60.00 per pack
  • Cost to you: $30.00 per pack

Mixed Flavours: Grape / Strawberry / Mandarin Orange / Blueberry / Green Apple

100mg Per Gummy

10 Gummies per Pack

Heavy Hitters

Earn 36.00 Reward Points


Gummies are a vital introductory product for any website or canna-business, we want to make your life easier and help your site take off by painstakingly crafting these tasty morsels for your clients. We pride ourselves on consistent dosing and ensuring our goods are crafted to FoodSafe standards.

Our wholesale pricing is 50% of our retail offerings, our MSRP is the same as our prices are listed on our retail site so you are not competing with us on price. High quality product images of all our products are available upon request.

Enjoy a mellow high with our Rainbow Gummies. 100mg is a perfect dose for the veteran cannabinoid connoisseur, we would not recommend these as an introductory gummy.

In each bag you’ll find a mix of Grape, Strawberry, Green Apple, Mandarin Orange, and Blueberry Gummies. All gummies evenly dosed with THC Distillate for a predictable and safe experience, this means you can confidently quarter or halve your gummies to share. These are the big guns, we all have that friend (or are the person) who smokes dabs all day, these are the gummies they pop when they go to work and can’t smoke. Nobody knows quite how they do it, frankly it seems like a terrible idea to most people, but by some miracle they make it work just fine. In any case, don’t take these lightly… at least at first.

These natural delicious gummies are made with the highest grade ingredients from Canada, USA, and Germany.

Please leave a comment of which flavours stood out to you as best! We value feedback and are always looking to grow as best suits our Dragon Club Members.


*Contents may melt if exposed to heat*

*May contain food allergens, please contact customer support at [email protected] if you have any questions



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