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Dark Bark Chocolate Pistachio and Almond 50mg THC Bark

Dark Bark Chocolate Pistachio and Almond 50mg THC Bark

Hand poured THC infused dark chocolate

50mg THC each

1 Bark Per Pack

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Perfect for free-snacking throughout the day or the odd bite while on a hike. Every bite will be a bit different in flavour because of our excellent toppings as well as experience. Although the THC is evenly infused into the chocolate we are drawn to the randomness of each dose you’ll get when you break these apart for yourself or to share.

With 50mg in the entire bark we feel a great start point is breaking it into rough halves, perhaps even eights from there, and snacking away as you see fit after letting it sink in.

These natural, delicious Dark Chocolate barks are made with the highest grade ingredients from Canada.

*Contents may melt if exposed to heat*

*May contain food allergens, please contact customer support at [email protected] if you have any questions



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