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Canada Post Shipping Issues

At The Dragon Club we try our best to get orders out the same day they are placed. We pride ourselves on a quick turn around time from order placement to package shipment. Unfortunately, once your package is in the hands of Canada Post we lose all control. Over 98% of our packages are delivered on time (if not early) and without issue. But there are instances where packages just go missing. In these instances we want you to know that we will ensure your access to medicine:

If an order is undelivered and deemed “unrecoverable” by Canada Post, we will send you a 1 x replacement package, free of charge (up to a maximum of $300.00). We have a 21 business day policy in place for these situations, this gives Canada Post ample amount of time to deliver your package while working with their COVID-19 protocols. After 21 business days of not receiving your package from the date your package was shipped, we will send you this one time replacement.

We provide this service so you can shop for your medicine without worrying if it will arrive.

To initiate a shipping claim with us:

  • Please wait at least 5 business days after your order has been shipped. The majority of packages that do not show up on time are simply late.
  • Contact our Customer Support and let us know your package has not arrived; [email protected]
  • We will start our own internal investigation into the issue. Which includes various steps to determine the state of your delivery, spanning over a few days.
  • After we have conducted a thorough investigation into your packages delivery, a decision will be made to either initiate our 21 business day policy (please see above) or it is possible that we are not able to determine the cause of the delay/non-delivery, and we will provide a rectification in a timely manner. Please understand that we will always base our decisions off of a individual situation basis.
    1. Please note that we may request an alternate address to send the package to
    2. If the original package does turn up in that time we will ask that you not accept delivery of the replacement package so it is returned to us.

Other shipping policies:

  • We do not offer postage refunds if your order arrives late due to any postal delays.
  • If you provide an incorrect address and your package is returned to us, you will be required to re-send the shipping fee. Once we receive the shipping fee and the original package back in the mail we will re-send it out to you.

Due to the nature of our products, we do not allow refunds or exchanges.

Please select your products carefully, and feel free to ask our customer service team for guidance or assistance with your selections.

When purchasing dried cannabis or products that you have not tried before, we suggest purchasing a small amount and/or size in the event that you do not like it.

Look, smell, taste, and potency of cannabis vary from person to person.

Cannabis is essentially fresh produce. We rotate our stock accordingly to ensure freshness. Similar to produce at the grocery store, fresh apples are much more appealing than the apples that have been sitting on the shelf for a week. Similarly, each ‘batch’ of cannabis received from our growers is going to vary slightly, despite the plants being of the same strain.

There are many factors which can affect the smell, taste, and appearance of cannabis which range from the time of year grown, the soils/fertilizers used, as well as growing technique. This is also similar to grocery store produce.

One Ambrosia apple may taste slightly different than another Ambrosia apple.

We feel this adds to the mystique of the cannabis plant. You can never smoke the same herb twice!

If you feel you’ve received a defective product and/or substandard dried cannabis, however, please have photo evidence and contact our customer support team; [email protected]

You’ve placed your order and sent your payment, now what?

Well my friend, you have just set in motion a complex sequence of events. Depending on the size and complexity of your order, anywhere from three to five people will work to get you the medicine you ordered, as fast as possible.

What it looks like on our end:

  1. Our accounting team reconciles your payment
  2. Our warehouse staff pick your product, package it, and prep it for shipment
  3. Our customer support team stands by to help with any issues

What will this look like from your end? Check your order status as it travels the following path:

  1. On hold – We’ve received your order! If you’ve sent payment and your status still says on hold it means we’re working through a backlog of orders and will be matching your payment to your order shortly.
  2. Payment received – We’ve matched your payment to your order and it is in line for processing.
  3. Processing – Our warehouse is working on picking, packing, and prepping your package for shipment.
  4. Completed – Your order is ready to be shipped! You will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number for Canada Post.

We strive to process all payments within 24 hours but if your order status has not changed please feel free to reach out via our Contact Page. or email us directly; Email: Our email

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