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Ultra Dose – Shroom Green Apple Gummies – 8 Per Pack

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Ultra Dose – Shroom Green Apple Gummies – 4 Per Pack

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Full Dose – Shroom Orange Gummies – 8 Per Pack

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Full Dose – Shroom Orange Gummies – 4 Per Pack

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Macro Dose – Shroom Strawberry Gummies – 8 Per Pack

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Macro Dose – Shroom Strawberry Gummies – 4 Per Pack

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Shroom Gummies- A Delicious Way to Relish the Joy of Mushrooms

Want to have a high and relaxed night? Well, we may have a solution for you!

Shroom gummies might be the best option for you to have a relaxing night or relieve your stress. Read more about them here!

Natural mushrooms can be bitter if one consumes them raw. The bitter taste makes it hard to eat or intake the mushrooms in their natural form. The yummy treats will overpower the bitter taste.

With mushroom gummies, you can have these yummy treats every day. Showroom infused edibles are the same as THC infused gummies or CBD infused gummies. Shroom gummies are infused with controlled doses of psilocybin.

Each gummy will have the same amount of psilocybin which will help you determine the amount you can consume.

Note- These gummies are not THC-infused. They are a different product.

Whether you are looking for micro-dosing regularly to have increased creativity or releasing stress, or you want to have a fun night with your friends, mushroom gummies are your go-to. It also helps in decreasing anxiety and improving your mood.

The relaxation properties of shroom edibles are commendable. You can also know the exact amount of psilocybin you’re consuming is already stated on the packets. With naturally grown mushrooms, you would not realize the amount of psilocybin you are consuming.

We have carefully crafted premium quality shrooms gummies for you which are made of top-quality syrups and unique flavours.

You can buy shrooms in Canada online from our store. We are an authenticated shrooms dispensary for these gummies, and you can trust our product to have your psilocybin experience.

These gummies hit you in less time, that is, 30 to 45 minutes after consumption. So you get an instant high. But when compared to natural mushrooms, it lasts half as much. So, you can control your high and avoid any drastic side effects.

How would shroom gummies benefit me?

You should know about the benefits of the products you are purchasing. Shrooms have a lot of benefits. Apart from giving you a high and euphoric experience, these gummies have a lot of benefits underneath. Below are the additional benefits of mushroom edibles: –

Overconsumption can cause side effects!

Everything has its downside. Overconsumption of any edibles can always lead to adverse effects. Always start with a lesser amount of shroom gummies and gradually increase them. Everything has side effects, so; you cannot compromise on your health. Always be cautious of the amount you can consume that doesn’t harm you. Never take more than that. Ask your friends who already consume these gummies and learn from their mistakes. Take a lower dose if you are just beginning or move ahead carefully if you are thinking of taking a high dosage of mushroom gummies.

Finding a trustworthy vendor!

If you search “Buy shroom Canada,” you will get a list of several stores that sell mushroom gummies online. Always remember to verify the vendor or store you are purchasing your mushroom gummies from. Most online vendors have proof to verify their authenticity.

The Dragon Club is a store that sells premium quality edible gummies, which you can purchase online from our website. We provide a wide range of THC-infused gummies and mushroom gummies.

Visit our website to learn more about the products and then make a purchase.

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